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Waconia FC 2015 

Waconia FC Team History


"For many the soccer dream ends after High School, for some after college and for the passionate - It can never happen!" - Attributed to anonymous Waconia FC player   


Waconia FC was created in 2015 for those passionate players who just can't give up the dream and want to play until the body has nothing left to give.  With a group of wily vets and young fresh legs, 25 players started the inaugural season in the Minnesota Amatuer Soccer League. We boasted the oldest roster in the league that also included the only Father/Son combo in Ben  and Tom Kullman.  


The opening campaign resulted in a 10-6 record and secured promotion to Division 3 in the Minnesota Amatuer Soccer League.  Many teams try for years to achieve promotion and our town club was able to realize that dream in our first season.  Not bad for a bunch of local lads whose knees can be heard creaking when they run down the pitch.  


We are united with our love for the game and want the youth players in our community to share that same passion while realizing there are opportunities to continue playing, way past your prime.


If playing in a league isn't for you, you are still invited to come play pick up with us.  As long as there isn't snow on the ground or lightning in the air you can find us playing at the soccer fields in town.  Men, women, young and old are all invited.  


To sum up our attitude - "All we do is Ball!" - Tom Kullman Inaugural Waconia FC Player and oldest rostered player of all time

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