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Proposed Futsal Times (These are subject to change) - each age group has 2 - 8 week sessions for 16 total weeks of playing:

Group A: K-7th Grade: Futsal Dates/Times

1st Session Proposed Dates/Times

5:00-6:00 at Safari Island

November 5, 12, 19, 26

December 3, 10, 17

Jan 14

2nd Session Dates/Times

January 21, 28

February 11 (Super Bowl 3:00-4:00), 18, 25

March 10, 17, 24

Make up date: April 7

Group B 8th-12th Grade:

1st Session Proposed Dates/Times


November 5, 12, 19, 26

December 3, 10, 17

Jan 14

2nd Session Dates/Times

January 21, 28

February 11 (Super Bowl 2:00-3:00), 18, 25

March 10, 17, 24

Make up date: April 7







General Futsal Rules - Coaches Discretion will be used on applying rules at different age levels

1. If score is greater than 5 goals then add offensive player to team that is behind.

2. In event of a goal kick the defensive team must be behind the volleyball spike line (on single court) or 3 point line (on double court) until a pass is made - the team in possession is not restricted on first pass.

3. Any free kick is indirect, except a penalty kick (see next rule).

4. In the event of a handball that prevents a goal or tackle from behind that results in a Penalty Kick the shot will be taken from the 3 point line or half line based on coaches discretion for age.  In U14 and above the shot must go into the goal without touching the ground, U13 and below it can be scored on the ground.


Coaching Directions:

1. Coaches will stay on their defensive side, coaching the other team for the 2nd half (teams switch sides at half & coaches).

2. Coaches will get about 2 minutes at half to talk with each team.

3. Subs can be during the run of play or at any stoppage.

4. In the event of absences coaches will do their best to switch appropriate players.

5. There are multiple examples listed below to use for the group warm up and 10 minute technical (dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping) sessions, please come with 1-2 options ahead of time so you are ready to go when the players show up.


General set up for each age group:


5 minute group warm up

2- 10 minute technical sessions to focus on ball touches

2 - Approximately 16 minutes with 2 halfs of play



5 minute group warm up

2- 10 minute technical sessions to focus on ball touches

2 - Approximately 16 minutes with 2 halfs of play



10-15 minute warm up

2 20-23 minute halfs



5-10 minute warm up

2 - 23-25 minute halfs



5 minute warm up

2 - 25-26 minute halfs



Ideas for Warm Ups and Sessions - credited to Justin Pozega:


It's easy to use the half court lines in futsal or other lines on the court to divide up players, split groups in half if necessary and have each half of the court going with a coach and switch after 10 minutes - the goal is to get a lot of touches for each player.

Feel free to modify ideas or use your own, this is just a place to start.  Depending on age level some of the warm up games and ideas can probably be used as one of the 10 minute sessions as well.


Warm up Games:

  • Sharks and Minnows - Minnows dribble across the court and sharks try and steal the ball

  • Knockout - players try to keep possession of own ball while knocking other players ball out of play

  • Freeze Tag - When tagged by a penny the player puts the ball over their head and can be released by another player playing their own ball between the legs of the tagged player.

  • Red Light/Green Light (maybe throw in a yellow light) - dribbling under control, if you are out of control go back to start


Easy warm up ideas:

  • Start with dribbling (ball doesn't stop, player doesn't stop)

    • Add stepover, scissors, toe touches, turns, etc


  • Passing: Inside the grid (if you have 10 players start with 4 or 5 balls and the rule is if the ball stops or goes out of bounds it stays out)  play for a few minutes then get all the balls in again and limit touches (each player gets only 3 touches) play for a couple more minutes and limit touches further or say no talking.

  • Touches:  Split your group into pairs with a ball between them.  Player with the ball on the outside of the grid (or circle) and player without the ball inside the grid.  Start with your partner and do half volley's with both feet then find someone else around the outside with a ball to do it again.  Time for one minute and switch with your partner. Progress to full volleys both feet, thigh trap pass back, chest trap pass back, header

Here are some other warm up items with extra twists:

  • Triangle Passing: made with three cones each about 10 to 15 yds apart a line of  two people behind each cone (3 behind one with two balls)  pass the ball clockwise around the triangle and run to the back of the line you pass to (or to the opposite cone you pass to if they can handle it).   2 touches – trap and pass.

    • add a second ball 

    • Add one leg as a speed dribble instead of a pass.  

    • switch directions


  • Passing progression.  Set up 4 cones in a rectangle (long side about 12 yds short side about 7 yds with two extra cones 3 or 4 yards inside the grid dissecting the short side.  One player on each cone (two players on the opposite corners of the grid and a ball on each of the cones with two players).  Passing clockwise 2 or three touches and follow your pass


10 minute Session Ideas:

  • 1 v 1’s:  Set up two or three grids 15 x 8 yards with a line in the middle of the 8 yd line on both sides.  One line has balls and plays a pass to the oposite line who tries to dribble the ball past the player who played the pass and across the 8 yd line he passed from.  Offense goes to Defense. or switch lines.

  • Same drill in a wider grid (about 15-20 yds) with two goals in the corners (this allows better success for the dribbler)

  • Possession Passing: 4 v 2 passing using 6 players (or alter numbers ex: 6v3, 5v2) inside a 15 x 15 grid (can use inside of 3 point line or half court to make it easy) 4 on offense 2 on defense play for minute or for points and switch defenders – offense gets a point for 4-6 passes and defense gets a point for a steal play to 5 points or vary as needed. Whoever loses owes 5 jumping jacks, etc…

  • Circle possession:  circle of players with 3 defenders inside the circle.  First pass is free and then if defenders win the ball all three get out and the person responsible for losing the ball and the player on his left and right are the new defenders in the middle or play points.  

  • Team possession:  4 or 5 players offense inside a 15 x 15 grid with two lines of defenders about 7 yds away from the grid.  Send two defenders in at a time and play a ball into the offense.  When the defenders get the ball out of the grid they have to tag the next two in line (while the coach plays another ball into the offense).  Continue timing how long it takes to go through the defenders twice.  Switch offense and repeat,


Competition games

  • Juggling: Divide into small teams (2 to 4) each group has a ball.  Start at one end of the court and the first team to successfully juggle the ball without hitting the ground to the other side wins.  If the ball hits the ground they have to start at the beginning again.

  • Shooting: Put players in 4 corners of the half court, 2 lines closest to goal have the ball.  Have players in the corner pass to top of 3 point line for shot, shooters are coming from corners by the half line (or use any line that works).  Focus on different areas of foot, inside, laces, outside and use left and right foot.  Play to a certain amount of goals. Example: We will use only the inside of left foot/right foot depending on which side of the court you are on.  Compete against the other side of the court so players stay on their own half of the court.

      Progression: Start with balls at half line and pass down to corner then a give and go back to the top of 3 point line for a shot         to the original passer.

  • Dribbling/Shooting: Play 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 on the half court going to goal.  Coach and players stand at half line and play balls in while players try to make a move and get a shot off on goal to score.  Whoever scores, turns and calls for the next ball to go on goal again.  If defense steals the ball they try to score and become offense. Play 5 balls and keep track of score.


    U9 Week 1

  • 1. Dribbling warm up with turns and pullbacks

  • 2. Dribbling on one of the gym lines in groups of 3 - right foot only going back and forth over line with the ball, then left foot, then inside and outside of both feet.

  • 3. Relay races with a pullback at the end and a turn to come back.  Right foot, left foot, inside of feet and outside of feet.

    4. Scrimmage 2 - 16 minute games.

    Week 2


    Scissors warm up around "land Mines"

    Scissors in groups of 3 on lines in gym

    Scissors relay races must do one each time down and back

    Scissors to go score on the goals





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