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Boys Soccer

Record: 6-8-3

Captains: Josh Reich, Josh Rands
Scoring Leader: Parker Mellgren

Assist Leader: Parker Mellgren

2015 All Conference Player: Parker Mellgren, Matt Larson, Jimmy Kohner

Honorable Mentions: Josh Reich, Josh Rands, Nate Emerson

Team MVP: Parker Mellgren

Forward MVP: Josh Rands

Midfield MVP: Parker Mellgren

Defense MVP: Matt Larson

Most Improved: Noah Bigaouette

Hardest Worker: Josh Reich

The Waconia High School Boys Soccer team had a great year. They fought hard to get back to being .500 through out the year. They started off 2-5 and came back to be 6-8-3. Waconia made a huge improvement through out the year as each game they got better and better. The Wildcats ended the season 4-3-3.

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